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Anemia Diet

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Dt. Kanika Khanna is a professional Anemia Diet Dietitian in Delhi having 14+ years of experience. We are known as Best Anemia Diet Consultant in Delhi. So, You can visit Top Most Verified Anemia Diet Clinic in Delhi. Book Appointment Online for Anemia Diet in Delhi.


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Anemia Diet Consultant in Delhi, Dietitian for Anemia in Delhi, Nutritionist for Anemia Diet in Delhi, Dietician for Anemia Diet in Delhi.
What we understand with Anemia is Iron deficiency? Yes, directly & indirectly it is related to Iron, it might not be getting absorbed or body is not making enough hemoglobin or RBC are getting broken down quickly.

Reason behind to become aneamic
-Through genes
-Lack of folate (green leafy) & Vit B12 (fish, milk, cheese,etc), &vit B9 (oats, banana, peanuts, wheatgerm,etc.) [supports red blood cell production]
-Less intake of Vit C (essential for Fe absorption)
-Excessive blood loss
-One of the most basic reasons is, if water consumption is not up to the mark

The fact is that not any single food individuallyis going to cure you from any disease ratherits overall healthy foods and healthy eating habits that will work as a fuel, which is going to help your engine (body), to work properly.

Note: Calcium supplement cannot be taken with Iron supplement as it may reduce the absorption of Iron. Hence we should combine taking calcium rich foods like; yogurt, tofu, dairy products, cheese, kefir,etc. together with Iron rich foods; Green leafy, meat & poultry, sea foods, beans, nuts & seeds, etc.

What are the signs and symptoms of anemia?
• Feeling weak, which leads to irritation
• Frequent Headache
• shortness of breath
• Pale skin, dry skin, or easily bruised skin.
• Unintended movement in the lower leg (restless legs syndrome).
• Cold hands & feet
• Fast heartbeat
• Dizziness
• Pale tongue & nails
• Affects menstrual cycles (women)
• Not able to gain or lose weight (vitamin and mineral deficiencies)

How to diagnose?
-Recommended Complete blood count (CBC) test
- Serum iron studies including iron levels, ferritin, total iron binding capacity and percentage saturation
- Serum vitamin B12 and folic acid levels
- Stool tests to detect occult blood or parasites
- Advanced test such as endoscopy and colonoscopy to detect gastrointestinal sources of blood loss
- ultrasound scans for detecting fibroids or other causes of heavy menstrual bleed

Who is most likely to develop ANEMIA?
Anyone can develop this condition, although following people are at higher risk :

Women: Due to heavy blood loss during monthly cycle
Pregnant women : Increased blood volume requires more iron to drive oxygen to the baby and growing reproductive organs.
Old Age People: Old people are more likely to have low iron diet due to certain diseases conditions.
Infants: When infants are weaned from breast milk to solids, iron from solids does not get easily absorbed by the body, this might be one of the reason that infants gets iron deficiency.

People on blood thinners
No single food can cure anemia, But consuming healthy well balanced diet rich in proteins ( paneer, chicken, peanuts, fish etc), folate rich food (dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, brussel sprouts), Vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables (orange, gooseberries, guava etc) can help you get the iron that you need to manage aneamia.

Tips to manage anemia:
-Focus on healthy diet in the combination of Iron with vit c & vit B12
-Take oral medications or iron IV infusion for the same as per your doctor recommendation
-Exercise daily

Some nuts and seeds that contain iron are:
• pumpkin seeds
• cashews
• pistachios
• hemp seeds
• pine nuts
• sunflower seeds

Few quick fix remedies to boost your iron levels
a) Dates And Raisins
This combination provides you the richness of iron, magnesium, copper, and Vitamin C. This helps the body to quickly absorb the iron.

Have 7-8 soaked raisins with 1-2 dates early morning empty stomach, as itprovides you instant energy and augment iron levels.

b) Pomegranates or Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate are rich in iron, so include pomegranate juice with one table spoon lemon juice added to it, this combination will boost the absorption of iron and also provides you instant energy.

c) Alive seeds or Halim seeds
Alive seeds are the richest source of iron. It promotes the production of RBC and also helps in improving haemoglobin levels in the body.It helps in treating anemia.

How to consume Alive seeds
One can have Alive seeds with water. Soak 2 tablespoon halim seeds in one glass of water overnight, The next morning ,add fresh 2tspn of lemon juice,mix well and drink. This will keep you satiated and healthy!
anemia-diet Alive seeds can also be consumed in the combination of jaggery, coconut alive seeds laddo. anemia-diet Dietofy Team help with Anemia
Anemia can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. To prevent its deficiency and fulfil iron, vitamin b12 and other nutrient deficiency, a nutrition professional guidance is required. Dietofy Team provides you a personalized balanced diet with all the nutrients in which we equally focus on Vit B12, vit C & Iron rich foods, as well as on the other deficiencies to improve your quality of life. Through detailed discussion of your eating habits and medical history, we will be able to provide you with support and a personalized meal plan.Our team will teach about the importance of diet, so that after the program they will continue to eat iron- or vitamin B-rich foods and avoid a recurrence of anemia.

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