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Dietitian for Depression Cure in South Delhi

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Depression Cure

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Dt. Kanika Khanna is a professional Depression Cure Dietitian in South Delhi having 14+ years of experience. We are known as Best Depression Cure Diet Consultant in South Delhi. So, You can visit Top Most Verified Depression Cure Diet Clinic in South Delhi. Book Appointment Online for Depression Cure Diet in South Delhi.


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Depression Cure Diet Consultant in South Delhi, Dietitian for Depression Cure in South Delhi, Nutritionist for Depression Cure in South Delhi, Dietician for Depression Cure in South Delhi. When you're feeling down, it can be tempting to turn to food to lift your spirits. However, the sugary, high calorie treats that many people resort to have negative consequences of their own.

Thus, you may wonder whether any healthy foods can improve your mood.
Recently, research on the relationship between nutrition and mental health has been emerging. Yet, it's important to note that mood can be influenced by many factors, such as stress, environment, poor sleep, genetics, mood disorders, and nutritional deficiencies.

Therefore, it's difficult to accurately determine whether food can raise your spirits.
Nonetheless, certain foods have been shown to improve overall brain health and certain types of mood disorders.

Here are 9 healthy foods that may boost your mood.
1. Fatty fish
2. Dark chocolate
3. Fermented foods
4. Bananas
5. Oats
6. Berries
7. Nuts and seeds
8. Coffee
9. Beans and lentils

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