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Dietitian for Autoimmune Disorder in South Delhi

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Auto Immune Disorder

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Dt. Kanika Khanna is a professional Autoimmune Disorder Dietitian in South Delhi having 14+ years of experience. We are known as Best Autoimmune Disorder Diet Consultant in South Delhi. So, You can visit Top Most Verified Autoimmune Disorder Diet Clinic in South Delhi. Book Appointment Online for Autoimmune Disorder Diet in South Delhi.


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Nutrition Guidance by Dietitian in South Delhi During Autoimmune disorders
Autoimmune Disorder Diet Consultant in South Delhi, Dietitian for Autoimmune Disorder in South Delhi, Nutritionist for Autoimmune Disorder in South Delhi, Dietician for Autoimmune Disorder in South Delhi. Consult with Best Dietitian in South Delhi get to know how Our body is having a self-protecting system. Any malfunctions in the system attacks the healthy cells called Auto-immune disease.

Consult with Best Dietitian in South Delhi and get to know more than 100 types of Auto immune diseases, few of them arePsoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis,Celiac disease, Inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto's hypothyroidism, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes,Guillain-Barre syndrome (affects nerves in the legs, arms, and upper body) etc. They affect entirely different parts of the body.
Autoimmune-1 Good diet help to calm overactive immune system.So, if you have an autoimmune disease, changes to your diet could help improve your condition.
Autoimmune-1 Few Tips by Famous Nutritionist in South Delhi to heal Auto Immune disorder symptoms
1. Avoid refined and processed foods like semolina, refined flour, canned food etc)
2. Avoid sugar
3. Follow vegan diet, it helps in improving your gut health
4. Follow an Anti-inflammatory diet which is good for especially Rheumatoid Arthritis Include healthy fats and proteins to reap the anti-inflammatory benefits (include nuts, seeds, avocados,spirulina etc)
5. Include fermented food in every meal to maintain your gut healthy (fermented foods include kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh, kombucha, and yogurt)
6. Follow an elimination protocol: Your body might be sensitive to certain foods, such as gluten-containing grains or dairy products. Those sensitivities can affect the health of your gut, so you should eliminate any food groups you're sensitive to. The best way to determine for sure if you have any food sensitivities is with laboratory testing.
7. Try Gluten free diet : Best for celiac diseases

How Dietofy team help you
Dietofy team will assess your health condition with a series of assessment via questionnaire to understand the root cause of the existing health issues and provide you the best suited diet as per your symptoms.

Many of our clients reported immense improvement In the existing issues, as well as reductions in common symptoms of autoimmune disorders, such as fatigue and gut or joint pain after following the diet plan.

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