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Gaurav Nagrath

I am absolutely thrilled to write this 5-star review for Dietofy, the game-changer in my weight loss journey! A massive shoutout to the incredible Dietofy team and a heartfelt thank you to Dt. Kanika Khanna, the visionary owner, and Dt. Jyotsana, my primary dietitian.

I have been trying since long from 2017 to reduce weight. I've consumed fat burners and tried different types of diets, successfully losing 18 kg by 2019. However, from 2020, during the challenging times of the pandemic, I put on almost 33 kg. Despite my efforts, including fat burners and intermittent fasting, I struggled to lose more than 4-5 kg this time and ended up regaining the lost weight. This period of my life was accompanied by major health issues, making everything even more difficult.

Before joining Dietofy, I was grappling with four major challenges - obesity, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, and back pain. From the moment I met Dt. Kanika, her confidence in their approach was reassuring. She asked me to put my trust in their team and follow their guidance. I'm so glad I did!

Within just days of following their personalized diet plan, I noticed remarkable changes. My chronic back pain vanished, allowing me to walk for an hour without any discomfort. My sleeping troubles faded away after a week, and after a little over a month, my blood pressure medication was reduced. Not to mention, I've shed nearly 6 kilograms already!

Dietofy's team, including Dt. Kanika and Dt. Jyotsana, have been incredibly accessible through WhatsApp and phone calls. They consistently monitor my progress, making sure I'm on track. Their customer-centric diet plans make the weight loss journey smooth and comfortable.

If you're struggling with weight management or any health issues, I wholeheartedly recommend Dietofy. They've truly turned my life around, and I'm excited to see what the future holds on this journey to a healthier me! Kudos to the Dietofy team for their expertise and dedication.

Thank you, Dietofy!

Warm regards,
Gaurav Nagrath

"Result may vary person to person"

Amrit Ahluwalia

I took the 6 months diet and I learned so much in the process. Earlier, I had a hard time finding healthy food I liked in India because I was used to an American lifestyle and diet. Im so glad I tried them because I got great insight on nutrition, healthy lifestyle and what works for me. I got my questions answered timely and The dietitians assigned to me took great personal care of me and checked on me regularly. In times of stress or sickness too they offered good advice on how to take care of myself. I did loose the weight I wanted to because their diets are easy to follow and cause lifestyle changes which are easy to keep long term. So, if you're looking for a team that cares and is supportive and effective in reaching your health goals, look no further than Dietofy!

"Result may vary person to person"

Gurpreet Kaur

You guys are really amazing. I would especially like to thank dietitian Bodhika for helping me stay optimistic during my pregnancy. I enjoy how you customise the diet plans to the client's requirements and goals. Fantastic staff, always rapid responses, and brilliant solutions. Thank you for making my pregnancy journey so smooth and healthy. Continue your wonderful work.

"Result may vary person to person"

Sakshi Arora

I am truely happy to join Dietofy for my weightloss journey. It's been a month I have joined but already seeing an amazing change in my body weight with healthy food and lifestyle.
The founder Dt.kannika Ma'am and her team(Dt.Jyotsana Ma'am)my primary dietician are very supportive and has motivated me a lot in my journey at every step and I m looking forward to continue my journey with them to see fit and healthy version of me.

Thank u! Dietofy always being prompt to all my queries and being supportive.

"Result may vary person to person"

Neelima Pant

I am very thankful to Dietician Kanika Khanna for making such positive changes in my body.I had high cholesterol,triglycerides and sugar but within a month my range was normal.Apart from that I learnt a lot about a nutritious diet. I was also able to drop 4kgs in a month. The whole team of Dietofy is incredibly incredible. My thyroid is also within range after almost a year. Kudos👏

"Result may vary person to person"

Anshul Dabas

It's been almost a month since I got in contact with amazing dietofy team. They put in efforts to create balanced diet plan for me that also helping me to get to my fitter version. I lost almost 1kg in my first week with them in healthy manner. Best thing about them is that they are creative with their healthy diet plan as per my lifestyle and always reachable if any update required or issues. Basically they are really warm, helpful and trustworthy professionals. I would love to continue my health journey with them and learn from them as well!! Thanks dietofy!! Keep up the amazing work!!

"Result may vary person to person"

Aruna Batra

Nutritionist Kanika and her team are excellent. I am diebetic and have high BP. Their team has helped me feel much better and fit. I am 70+ and I feel fit. They take personal care and attention to your food and food habits. Mostly Sheetal was helping me. they are all knowledgeable and understand food well. I highly recommend them as nutritionists.

"Result may vary person to person"

Bh Sh

I worked with Ankita and Kanika ji for 6 months. They were very insightful and helped me get healthy. I saw some weight loss and they did a good job adjusting to how my body was reacting to every diet. They were flexible with my lifestyle and offered great advice to improve my relationship with food.

Thanks to the team!

"Result may vary person to person"

Sanchari Bairagi

Its been one month I have been consulting with Dt. KANIKA and her team of Dietofy. Thanks a lot to Dietofy for such motivation I got from you, to change my lifestyle for being Best version of myself. I enjoyed all the meal preparations given by you and never felt like I have to leave my own desired food to maintain my health rather my energy level has become double! I lost around 3kg in my first month of the program. Cant wait to witness more magics in the upcoming months. A very special thanks to Dt. Pragati who is so prompt in her responses and always there to help.

Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for sustainable weight loss to have a holistic lifestyle without compromising your health:)

"Result may vary person to person"


I recently completed a three-month weight gain program with my Dietofy, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only did I achieve my weight gain goals, but I also gained a wealth of knowledge about proper nutrition and a healthy diet. The guidance and support provided were exceptional, and I felt like I was truly understood and cared for throughout the program. I'm grateful for the positive changes this experience has brought into my life. Highly recommend

"Result may vary person to person"

Davinder Kaur

Thanks to your guidance DIETOFY team for your personalised approach & tailored diet plan suited our specific needs and lifestyle, you always so quick in reverting to my queries. I have experienced noticeable improvements in health and energy levels. Your expertise has not only helped me achieve my initial goals but has also equipped me with the necessary skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. Wishing you continued success in your practice.

"Result may vary person to person"

Debasmita Biswal

I joined Dietofy weight loss program for a month and could see visible transformation in my body. I lost almost 3.5 KGs with increased energy level. Dietician Bodhika was my consultant. She was very motivating. She gave me diet plan according to my choice of food, which I could easily consume on regular basis without getting bored.
Thank you team Dietofy.

"Result may vary person to person"

Bhoomika Chauhan

When i gained almost so much weight post marriage, i lost confidence in myself. I was always a fit girl and suddenly being overweight took a toll on my mental health. Not only that, i was struggling with stomach issues, severe bloating and acid reflux. I communicated this with my dietitian at Dietofy and i was unbelievable for me that I lost 2kgs in just 2 weeks and all stomach issues went away just in a few days time. I was not only motivated to eat healthy, but also to work out which eventually lead me to get back to my ideal weight! It was unbelievable for me and my family that the jeans which could not fit me 3 months ago, is now loose on me!

I am very particular with what i eat and being Gluten and Lactose intolerant, Pragati really tailored a diet for me that was not only healthy but also easy to make.

I highly recommend Dietofy to everyone, just take a leap of faith and take a step towards a healthy body and a healthy mind. They will take care of you.

Thanks for the team at Dietofy, I couldn't be more happier!

"Result may vary person to person"

Sarika Batra

Kanika and her team are great. They took the time to understand my concerns and have created a diet to address my personal needs. I started losing weight in the first week, my energy levels improved and overall I feel much healthier.

"Result may vary person to person"

Haroula Bountros

My journey so far has been amazing, challenging, rewarding, and knowledgeable.
Challenging in the fact that I have tried lots of new ways to cook.
Experimenting with lots of different recipes and techniques.
Knowledgeable as l have broaden my knowledge learning about Indian cuisine, discovering different cultures and traditions.
Rewarding as l have had weight loss in the process. Feeling much better within myself. Sleeping well, having great energy levels and feeling great.
Most of all I would like to thank Anika for believing in me and encouraging me. Helping me understand the diet plan, it's taken me sometime to get my head around everything.
Anika has been very understanding, patient and also trying to accommodate with my cuisine as well. Anika has also been very prompt in responding to my concerns.
I would like to thank everyone at DIETOFY solutions

"Result may vary person to person"

Deepa Haridas

I started working with Nutritionist Kanika Khanna and her team. It's just been a week and half and I have already lost weight. They provide variety of food options so I always feel full and satisfied with no cravings. I don't feel like I am on diet because of the variety so it's not boring. I am really enjoying the process and looking forward to losing more weight. I highly recommend them.

"Result may vary person to person"

Mansi Sharma

I have recently completed one month weight loss program with dietofy and it's results are really amazing. I have almost lost 3kgs in a month and also felt positive changes in my lifestyle and my behaviour. It was althrough an amazing journey.

I'm really grateful for such a wonderful experience and the efforts that the entire team has put in.
Thankyou team Dietofy😊

"Result may vary person to person"

Anchal Jain

I'd Like to express my deep gratitude and admiration for your exceptional dedication and expertise as a dietitian Dt. Kanika and Astha. You have been a great guide on my journey to better health and well-being, and your impact extends far beyond what words can describe. Your Knowledge, your Empathy, your customized guidance, your constant availability and proactiveness has kept me motivated. I came with a frustration of stuck weight issues and I am very happy to see the results in 1 month's time and looking forward to your guidance further for reaching my health goals. More power to you both!! Thanks a lot.

"Result may vary person to person"

Swati Gupta

Both Kanika and Ankita ma'am are such wonderful people. I have never seen a dietitian giving such elaborative diets. Diets are very well balanced and Kanika mams' team is always available both on call and whatsapp for patient's queries. Plus, I love the fact that they give you travellers' guide in case you are travelling and don't want to compromise on your diet. In the nurshell, giving five star rating

"Result may vary person to person"

Aastha Singh

I took the 3 month plan by dietofy, and in those three months,I became aware about healthy food choices, how to control my cravings.The team is nice, they keep regular follow ups and make plans according to your food palette. I lost few kilos and inches reduction was there but I couldn't attain my set goal of weightloss.

"Result may vary person to person"

Amita Handa

Hi all
I would like to give 5 star to Dietofy. I have done many diets in past: sone will ask me to have month detox and putting on 500/600 calorie plan, one would ask papaya only in brekky and sabzi only in dinner with propert lunch, one was good with gud diet chart but Dieitian support was poor as dietitian was not trained . One would ask to measure every single thing . Finally I found Dietofy where dt kanika explained me things very well and dt Jyotsna /Ankita also supported me lot during plan and answers my ques well. They have provided me with meal plan that I can follow for long and make it part of habit and switch to healthier alternatives than unhealthy. I am glad I joined this

"Result may vary person to person"

Priyanka Uppadhyay

I have been consulting Kanika and Astha. I have benefited overall in my health and weight loss. The plans they give are feasible, simple as well as lifestyle changing for me. I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for overall healthy living and weight loss. The Team is very supportive and highly efficient in their work 👍

"Result may vary person to person"

Tusarkanta Das

I joined the 1 month program for weight gain, although they tried different types of diet plan, but I didn't get the result.
Team was good & also they gave good effort. Got to know some healthy alternative diets.

"Result may vary person to person"

Kuldeep Sharma

Dear Kanika and Bodhika - I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional role you played in transforming my life and helping me achieve my weight loss goals. Your expertise, dedication, and unwavering support have been instrumental in reducing my body weight by a remarkable 5 kilograms in just 40 days!

When I first embarked on this journey to a healthier and happier version of myself, I had my doubts and uncertainties. However, from the very first consultation with you, I felt an immediate sense of reassurance and confidence. Your comprehensive knowledge and personalized approach gave me the conviction that success was not only possible but well within my reach.

Throughout the process, you provided me with a well-balanced and practical diet plan that was tailored to my specific needs and lifestyle. Your guidance was not just limited to what to eat but extended to educating me on portion control, mindful eating, and making sustainable choices. Your emphasis on adopting a holistic approach to wellness made all the difference.

Beyond this, I am truly grateful to Bodhika for genuine care and encouragement. Your consistent motivation helped me stay focused and committed, even during the challenging moments when temptation threatened to derail my progress. Your belief in my potential kept me going, and I can't thank you enough for that. Your professionalism and responsiveness have been commendable. You were always available to address my questions and concerns, making me feel supported and valued as a client. Your ability to listen attentively and adjust the plan as needed demonstrated your commitment to my success.

Now, 40 days later, I am astounded by the results. Not only have I lost 5 kilograms, but I feel more energetic, confident, and content with myself. You have not just helped me shed weight; you have helped me gain a new perspective on living a healthier lifestyle and nurturing my well-being. 5KG is just the beginning, I am sure I will be able to do more with your constant support and guidance in times to come

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being an exceptional dietitian and an incredible human being.

"Result may vary person to person"

Aharnish Patel

I had the pleasure of working with Dr Kanika and team and highly recommend her services for anyone seeking personalized nutrition guidance. From our first call on phone, it was clear that she was a knowledgeable and compassionate professional who truly cares about her clients' well-being.

Throughout our sessions, they listened to my concerns and helped me create a customized nutrition plan that fit my lifestyle and goals. She was always available to answer my questions and provided invaluable support and encouragement as I worked towards my health goals.

Thanks to Dietofy's guidance, I have seen a significant improvement in my overall health and energy levels. I feel more confident in my food choices and have developed a better understanding of how to nourish my body.

If you're looking for a dietician who will provide personalized nutrition guidance and support, I highly recommend Dietofy.

"Result may vary person to person"

Viren Negi

I recently consulted Dietician Kanika Khanna for weight loss, and I couldn't be happier with the results! Kanika's customized meal plans and guidance were easy to follow, and her team was incredibly supportive throughout the journey. Her knowledge of nutrition and personalized approach helped me shed those extra kilos without feeling deprived or overwhelmed. These diet changes led to my increased energy and improved overall health. I highly recommend Kanika to anyone looking for an empathetic, knowledgeable, and results-driven dietician to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

"Result may vary person to person"

Poonam Mirani

I started my program with dietofy approximately 2 months back. I have been suffering from Gerd and excessive belching for almost 3 years. A friend had recommended Dietofy and frankly i was a bit sceptical because i didnt want them to remove my comfort food from my diet. But Ankita Dass has very supportive and understanding in making the diet plan and making sure that it satisfies my requirements. And her follow up is impeccable. I am seeing a positive difference in my gut health and also Gerd issues. Thanks a lot to Ankita and the dietofy team👌👌

"Result may vary person to person"


I saw the transformation of a friend and was inspired to try focusing on my diet for improving health and reducing weight. I am a fooodie so love all Kinds of food. Also living overseas where you do everything on your own with no help can lead to a very intense lifestyle with barely any time to yourself so cooking separate meals for urself and following a specific diet which is different from the rest of the family is very hard. The team at Dietofy led by Dr Ankita Das was very supportive of these challenges and has walked the journey with me to help me along, motivated me every step of the way with plans customized to needs and tastes. Since my work involves travel and eating out a lot they also advise on options you can eat if u send them the restaurant in advance l. I have lost 3.5kg in the first month and I am Off my bp meds. I look forward to the next few months and loosing more. Ps- the options for eating are absolutely doable and I enjoy the meals and recipes suggested by the team. Thank you team Dietofy!

"Result may vary person to person"

Simran Grover

Hi, this is simran. I've been associated with Dietofy from 24th July and it's been 12 days and I have shed 3kgs of my weight. Though it's a very small number but the interesting part is "reducing it by having each and every plate of your meal, by keeping your tummy full everytime". Thank you Ms. Payal, Ms. Bodhika and Ms. Kanika for being there and providing such a beautiful diet and always motivating me for the same. Looking forward to be with you in this journey and making this one digit number to a two digit one and look fit and feel healthy.
Thank you team Dietofy.

"Result may vary person to person"

Shweta Gambhir

I had never thought of doing a diet and eating so healthy as I am so foodie, but when I spoke to DR. Astha she eased me out by making my diet chart as per my eating habits. After a week of my diet my body felt so light and I understood the concept of right eating at right time. Thank you Dr Astha and Dr Kanika for being so supportive and caring about their clients.

"Result may vary person to person"

Ronika Sriram

I wonder why I didn't find Kanika and her team before. The amount of time and efforts they put is commendable. It's been 2 months and I have noticed significant change not only physically but in terms of overall well being as well.

Kudos to Jyotsana - she has been very proactive and has taken a keen interest in providing me with a diet which caters to all my needs. Her Diet Clinic Center in Chandigarh makes room for eating out on weddings, outings and constantly keeps on guiding me. Dietitian Kanika in Chandigarh, includes all my favourite foods and eliminates those which I dont like. The diet plan is very sustainable and can be followed long term unlike crash diet.

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts I am here to stick for long♥️

"Result may vary person to person"

Gaurav Upreti

I have been dieting for a week now and have already lost around 3 kgs. All thanks to the wonderful team at Dietofy!
The diet plans are very easy and completely planned as per your convenience. There is a very prompt and good online 24x7 support as well.

Not only they help you reduce weight but also help in getting you on track with your overall health!

I still have a long way to go but i am really happy with the beginning results!
Kudos to the team at Dietofy 😊

"Result may vary person to person"

Anu Sharma

I had a great experience being guided by Dr. Kanika and her team specially dr. Jyotsana . My daughter had a lot of stomach issues as she has special condition and because of which she has limited movement .
What I like about the Dietofy is the patience , empathy and great ideas they give on case to case basis

Our issues has come down drastically and my daughter is doing better overall because of better gut health . I think it was my best decision to consult them and they have proven to be god sent🙏
We will now work on weight gain for my daughter and hopefully we will achieve the same too with the help of Dr . Kanika and team

I will recommend her for great work ! God bles the team

"Result may vary person to person"

Rohit Lodha

I am availing advisory services of Mrs.Kanika since last few months. I must say Dietofy has helped me alot in my overall diet improvement. I have lost around 5 to 6 kg of weight in last 2 months and feeling alot healthier. Thank you.

"Result may vary person to person"

Divya Lamba

It was a wonderful journey with Dietofy… I never knew I'll be able to shed so much of weight by just following these simple and effective diets… my special thanks to Priyanka who has always kept me motivated and made my weight loss journey easy. I lost 6 kgs and now I feel a lot lighter and more importantly I feel comfortable in my own body.

The diet plan has not only helped me lose weight but it has also improved my issues on mood swings and thyroid levels. I feel very energetic the whole day.
Thanks again to the complete Dietofy team Kanika ma'am, Rati ma'am and Priyanka…

"Result may vary person to person"

Ranjit Somanathan

I started my diet program with Dietofy with the intent of losing weight.
But once in , it turned out to be much more . Ms Kanika's team , especially Ms Priyanka has been very diligent in keeping a tab on my progress. She has been guiding me well on eating right and not just focus on weight loss . She's flexible with the dietary options , understands my likes and dislikes and suggests accordingly . The diet regime is quite easy to follow.

With this strong focus , I lost around 6 kilos in a month. The progress has been great so far and I feel much better , lighter and confident about getting my fitness to a much better level soon 😊😊😊.
Thanks for this Team Dietofy !!!

"Result may vary person to person"

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