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Diabetes Diet

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Dt. Kanika Khanna is a professional Diabetes Dietitian in Chandigarh having 14+ years of experience. We are known as Best Diabetes Diet Consultant in Chandigarh. So, You can visit Top Most Verified Diabetes Diet Clinic in Chandigarh. Book Appointment Online for Diabetes Diet in Chandigarh.


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Diabetes Reversal Program

Diabetes Diet Consultant in Chandigarh, Dietitian for Diabetes in Chandigarh, Nutritionist for Diabetes in Chandigarh, Dietician for Diabetes in Chandigarh. Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes, refer to a group of disorders characterized by a high blood sugar level (hyperglycemia) over a prolonged period of time. Glucose is vital to your health because it's an important source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues. It's also your brain's main source of fuel but too much sugar in your blood can lead to serious health problems.It is one of the fastest growing diseases worldwide is rising rapidly in people of all age groups including adolescents and children.

While the good news is, it is possible to reverse diabetes at early stages and reverse prediabetes by doing simple modifications in your lifestyle.If you have obesity, your diabetes is more likely to go reverse if you lose a substantial amount of weight in a healthier way.Type 2 diabetes is an ongoing disease. After its reversal, which means you aren't taking medication and your blood sugar levels stay in a healthy range, there's always a chance that symptoms will return if you wont maintain your healthy lifestyle. To keep sugars under control through out, Youneed to follow a healthy regime of diet and exercise.

Risk factors for diabetes
• Family history
• Over Weight. The more fatty tissue you have, the more resistant your cells become to insulin.
• Inactivity. The less active you are, the greater your risk
• Age. Your risk increases as you get older.
• Gestational diabetes. If you developed gestational diabetes when you were pregnant, your risk of developing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes increases.
• Polycystic ovary syndrome. For women, having polycystic ovary syndrome — a common condition characterized by irregular menstrual periods, excess hair growth and obesity — increases the risk of diabetes.
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Stress

Symptoms of onset of Diabetes
Diabetes symptoms vary depending on how much your blood sugar is elevated
Some of the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are:
• Increased thirst
• Frequent urination
• Extreme hunger
• Unexplained weight loss
• Presence of ketones in the urine (ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of muscle and fat that happens when there's not enough available insulin)
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Blurred vision
• Slow-healing sores
• Frequent infections, such as gums or skin infections and vaginal infections

Cure your Diabetes in just three simple steps
1) Well balanced low carb diet
2) Strengthening Exercises
3) Supplements like Vitamin D in case if you are severely deficient

Well balance Low carb diet
A low carb well balanced plan and exercise along with some supplements like vitamin d etc in case if you are deficient helps to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin. The hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and thus reduce the risk of insulin resistance , which is often a precursor of tyoe two Diabetes.One can also prevent this health condition by following a low glycemic load diet, include high fiber food like vegetables, low gifruits , salads, good quality protein such as paneer, fish ,chicken and healthy fats like avocado , nuts etc

Avoid foods with a high glycemic index (foods that raise blood sugar too quickly) are ::
• Deserts
• Sweets
• Pastries
• Breads
• Chips
• Crackers
• Pasta

A good strengthening physical activity is a way to improve diabetes, but it may be tough to lose weight and reverse diabetes with workouts alone. When combined with healthy low carb well balanced diet , though, exercise helps.

Foods you eat provide you vitamins and minerals. However, more and more people are turning to alternative medicines and supplements. These are just claim to be supplemental. Supplements are used when people are not receiving enough nutrients through food alone. Diabetic diets are low carb diets /low GI diets which are nutrient deficient, to prevent from nutrient deficiency, You should always take supplements under your dietician supervision.

How Dietofy team help you:
Managing diabetes is not easy, but with the right care and support we can do it! Dietofy team will provide you the full support with alternate days sugar monitoring. reduce dependence on medicine by simple change in your eating habits. We address the root cause of diabetes which is poor insulin resistance and work on that with the proper diet, exercise and nutrients. Withthe right support and care you can manage to reverse you diabetes and lower the chances for complications.

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