Sports Diet

While Sports, Gymming and other regular exercises is important to keep the body fit, at the same time proper calculated diet plays a crucial role to get the desired results. Eating before exercise as well as after exercise is very important to make sure that appropriate food and fluid is injected during exercise, in both training and competition.

During most sports, our body’s main fuel mix comes from carbohydrate (from muscle glycogen and blood glucose) and fat. Generally, if the sport involves less than an hour of activity, one can perform well without having to refuel during the event. With good food choices, one should be able to fuel up adequately before the sport, and then replace the fuels you have used with the post-event meals. On the other hand, sweat losses accrue from the start of your activity and, in many sports or conditions, may cause a fluid deficit that interferes with performance. This calls for an individualized fluid plan during and after exercise to manage the fluid deficit and replace it after exercise.
If any sport or training takes longer than an hour, one may benefit from consuming some carbohydrates during sport in addition to fluid. The decision will depend on the intensity of the exercise (higher intensity burns glycogen more quickly), duration (the longer the event, the more carbohydrate is burned), ambient temperature (the hotter it is, the quicker glycogen will be burned. But it is also more likely it is that overheating and dehydration will limit performance), and how well one have eaten before sport (eating carbohydrate before exercise increases body carbohydrate stores, but also increases the rate at which carbohydrate is burned during exercise

The benefits of consuming carbohydrate during exercise include:
  • Keeping blood glucose levels high during prolonged moderate-high intensity events. Blood glucose can provide an alternative fuel source for the muscle when glycogen levels dwindle.
  • Providing a fuel source for the brain to maintain skills and decision making, and reduce the perception of fatigue.
  • Sparing or replenishing muscle glycogen.

We think that in some situations, such as low intensity work, carbohydrate consumed during exercise can be burned to spare glycogen stores or can build new glycogen stores for later use. Dietofy offers a series of special Diets that boost up the body stamina and energy levels for sports person and gymmers. These programs are designed after a detailed study done and help the individual to achieve their goals. These diets just don’t keep physically fit but provide a balance between mental and physical exertion.