Treatment of Hypocholesteremia through “Therapeutic Dietofy Program”

Therapeutic Dietofy Program (TDP) helps you in lowering cholesterol levels. The Program includes lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, weight loss, and avoid/minimize smoking. Your doctor will want you to follow TDP even if you are taking cholesterol-lowering medicine. And medicine will work better if you have healthy diet

“Dietofy Programs are usually the first step in lowering cholesterol before medicines are added. If the patients are on medication, we emphasize on reducing medicines over a period of time to make you feel heathy and energetic”.

The diet's main focus is to reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates, saturated fat you eat, because saturated fat elevates your cholesterol levels. You can reduce the saturated fat in your diet by limiting the amount of meat and whole milk products you eat. Choose low-fat products from those food groups instead. Include essential fatty acids in your diet, replace most of the animal fat in your diet with unsaturated fat, especially monounsaturated oils, such as olive, canola, or peanut oil and poly unsaturated oils like mustard oil etc. If monounsaturated fat and poly unsaturated fat is substituted for saturated fat, it lowers LDL("bad") cholesterol and keeps HDL ("good") cholesterol up.